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A Season In Hell on Pirate Cat Radio #13: CybersAM I aM
November 22, 2007 07:01 PM PST

Hey there radio fans.

Last Monday on my show A Season In Hell, I hosted my old friend Cybersam. I've known sAM since Burning Man 1996. What a great guy. We had a blast on the show the other night too.

Take a look at my blog: http://hellkatt.blogspot.com/
for the playlist and the link to the archived podcast.

Also, check out sAM's website too: http://cyberbuss.com

Have a great holiday.

John Hell

A Season in Hell on Pirate Cat Radio #12: Haiti: We Must Kill All The Bandits
November 14, 2007 03:03 PM PST

This is my 12th week on Pirate Cat Radio (http://piratecatradio.com). I'm on Monday nights, 8-midnight (PST)

The show is four hours. On this week's show I have independent journalist, and documentary filmmaker Kevin Pina. He's spent the last seven years in Haiti, investigating the ousting of democratically electd president Aristide.

His new film Haiti: We Must Kill All The Bandits, is powerful and emotional. We talk about th film, his experiences as a filmmaker and a witness to history.

The interview is most of the first two hours of the show. See the setlist for all the great music included.

You can also download this podcast, and all Pirate Cat Radio podcasts (archived for six weeks) at http://piratecatradio.com
Click on "DJ Schedule", then click on the show you want to listen to. Click on the date of the padcast, found on the right. My show is called A Season in Hell. Of course.

A Season in Hell #12: Kill All Thee Bandits

I love Livin’ In the City: Danko Jones
Portland, Oregon: Loretta Lynn
Killing the Bandits: Ali Aumeer & Sarah Marlow

Interview: Kevin Pina

Right On For The Darkness: Curtis Mayfield
Golden Country: REO Speedwagon

Interview: Kevin Pina

?: Neil Young
Fuck the Police (edit): NWA
Role of the Media: Noam Chomski

Interview: Kevin Pina

Trickle Down System: Giant Sand
My Girl’s Pussy: Kitten on the Keys
Caged Bird: Abbey Lincoln
Tunic: Sonic Youth

Ain’t No Friend Of Mine: Mono Men
Country Road: Toots and the Maytals
Love Me Till Sun Shines: The Kinks
Dream a little Dream/Blue Moon: Cat Power

The Hat Collector: Aids Wolf
Teenage Caveman: Beat Happening
25: Monster Magnet
Festival: Dungen

Where U At?!?: Von Iva
Heaven: Health
The White Man’s Got A God Complex: The Last Poets

Ruins: Material
Bellows: Loscil


A Season In Hell #14
August 20, 2007 03:59 PM PDT
itunes pic

A Season In Hell #14: Back on the Radio

Good stuff all the way.

I’m starting up on the radio tonight, for the first time in four years. I’ll be doing Monday nights, 8-midnight (PST), on Pirate Cat Radio (http://piratecatradio.com). I’ve been itching to do a radio show for quite a while.

I’ll probably post excerpts from the PCR show.

As always , email me at mrjohnhell@yahoo.com

Thanks for your support.

Set list:

Little Miss Sunshine: Lee Hazelwood
Some Velvet Morning: Lee Hazelwood and Nancy Sinatra

Empty Spaces/What Shall We Do Now: Pink Floyd (08-06-80)

It’s About Time: Mike Bloomfield (02-01-69)

In The Year 2525: Zager & Evans
Up In Smoke Reprise: Cheech & Chong

A Season In Hell #13: Theme From A Season In Hell
August 04, 2007 03:02 PM PDT

A Season In Hell #13: Theme From A Season In Hell

Sometimes I get nostalgic. I moved a lot in my life, an average of once every two years. I went to ten schools in thirteen years (K-12), and the one thing that was a constant was music. Music and TV. The two things that were constant were music and TV. And family. The three…three things that were constant were music, TV, family and the ever increasing amount of sarcasm that made it into my humor.

I made it down for the weekly KFJC (http://kfjc.org) staff meeting this past week, for the first time in about seven years. I’m hoping to do a show a month there. I’ll keep you posted.

With that I bring you this latest episode. If you’re a fan of nighttime police dramas, then you’ll enjoy this show.

Also, I recently saw Radio Moscow play 12 Galaxies in SF (http://www.12galaxies.com/flash.html). Check out their MySpace page, and support live music. I also have a few San Francisco artists in this show, including punk polka faves Polkacide, the Japanese yodeling cowboy Toshio Hirano, and Sesame Street cover band Cookie Mongoloid; you’ve never heard anything like them before.

Check out my podomatic site here: http://johnhell.podomatic.com
My MySpace site here: http://myspace.com/mrjohnhell
My new Facebook site here:
My blog here: http://freeradiosf.com/blog/22

Whew, that’s a lot of crap I have online.

Email me at mrjohnhell@yahoo.com

Thanks for listening.

Set list:

Barney Miller Theme, from Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 3: 70's & 80's
Beer is Better Than Girls Are: Artless
In Heaven There Is No Beer: Polkacide http://www.polkacide.com/
Jump In Line: Harry Belafonte http://www.belafonte-asiteofsites.com/

Up & Down: Cookie Mongoloid http://www.wearemongoloid.com/cookie/index.html
Sanford & Son Theme, from Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 3: 70's & 80's
T For Texas: Toshio Hirano http://www.toshiohirano.com/
25 Minutes To Go: Johnny Cash http://www.johnnycash.com/

James Brown Ate My Bagpipe: Taxi Chain http://www.taxichain.com/
Street of San Francisco, from Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 3: 70's & 80's
Psychobilly Freakout: Reverend Horton Heat http://www.reverendhortonheat.com/

Fuse: Radio Moscow http://www.myspace.com/radiomoscow
Pick Me Up: Dinosaur Jr. http://www.dinosaurjr.com/

Morning Theft: Jeff Buckley http://www.jeffbuckley.com/
Barretta Theme, from Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 3: 70's & 80's
Theme From Cyrano/Mr. Tambourine Man: William Shatner
Up In Smoke Reprise: Cheech & Chong http://www.cheechandchong.com/

Music bed: Zabriskie Point. Brought to you by The Pink Floyd, in memory of Michelangelo Antonioni, dead at 94, on Monday, July 30, 2007

A Season In Hell #12: Waiting For My Man
July 28, 2007 03:12 PM PDT
itunes pic

A Season In Hell #12: Waiting for the Man

***Warning*** Because of the need for server space, I will be removing Episode #1 and possibly #2 by Thursday, August 2nd, 2007. You have been warned.

I spent a year in DC last week. I was there for an education conference, and I had the luxury of seeing the New York Dolls perform at the legendary 9:30 Club. The club has been open since the 70’s, but obviously in a very different location. What a great club; amazing sound and stage. The Dolls were incredible too. Only Sylvain and Johanson are alive from the original lineup, but the rest of the band seriously kicked ass. They have a new CD out, go get it.

I got to walk “The Mall”, which is the federal gov’t area. Quite impressive, even if you don’t like the schmuck who lives in the white house right now.

This week I include some early NY Dolls. I also have some live tracks from Tom Waits with the Kronos Quartet doing the theme to my favorite show: “The Wire”. If you haven’t seen this great police drama on HBO, you’re missing the best written show on TV. Some live Lou Reed shows up near the end of the podcast today. A real rarity is included in the guise of Neil Young. He never released “Chrome Dreams”, but all of the music made it on to something eventually. This version of “Powderfinger” never did.

I hope you enjoy the show. Please leave a comment on the website: http://johnhell.podomatic.com and tell your friends about thee show by clicking the “send to friends” link on the page.


John Hell

Set List:

“Way Down In The Hole”: Tom Waits & Kronos Quartet with Greg Cohen on bass.
From the “Healing the Divide” release.
Get the CD here: http://www.amazon.com/Healing-Divide-Concert-Peace-Reconciliation/dp/B000F3AJTO

“Looking for a Kiss”: New York Dolls http://www.nydolls.org/
“A Change is Gonna Come”: The Gits http://www.thegits.com/
“Senorita”: Ovarian Trolley http://www.trouserpress.com/entry.php?a=ovarian_trolley

“Powderfinger”: Neil Young, from the unreleased “Chrome Dreams”. Get it here: http://www.tapecity.org/showthread.php?t=7626&highlight=chrome+dreams
You have to register for this site, which is free.
“The Mercy Seat”: Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds http://www.nickcaveandthebadseeds.com/
“Do You Take This Man?”: Diamanda Galas http://www.diamandagalas.com/

“Shady Lane”: Slim Cessna’s Auto Club http://www.slimcessnasautoclub.com/news/index.asp
“Home Sweet Mobile Home”: The New Duncan Imperials http://www.newduncanimperials.com/

“Ain’t No Friend Of Mine:” Mono Men http://www.monomen.net/
“I’m Waiting For My Man”: Lou Reed, 12-26-72 http://www.loureed.org/00/index.html

“I Want You”: Peter Frampton & Toto http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sgt._Pepper's_Lonely_Hearts_Club_Band_(film)
“Up In Smoke Reprise”: Cheech & Chong http://www.cheechandchong.com/

As always, if you’re interested in any of my live music, I’m always up for a trade. Take a look at my list, and send me an email at mrjohnhell@yahoo.com

The live list: http://db.etree.org/johnhell

A Season In Hell #11: Why Didn’t Anyone Tell Me My Mic Sucked?
July 17, 2007 11:00 PM PDT

A Season In Hell 11: Problematic

Sometime when I put a show together, it just comes together so fast, and in the weirdest ways. I had no clue what I wanted to play as recently as a day and a half ago.

I had a few tunes set up, but all of a sudden I watched Willy Wonka (the original), and I love the scene in the boat so much. I figured you’d like to hear it.

When I was at KFJC I played two movies on the air: man With the Golden Arm, and Double Indemnity. It sounded amazing. It was followed up with 2001, A Space Odyssey, by the next DJ. Movies on the air are quite remarkable to listen to.

This week I’m off to an education conference in D.C. I’ve never been there before, so I’m genuinely excited to be going to thee capital. Perhaps I can bust into the White House and steal something, like the constitution, and show people how it’s been trampled on.

I do plan on seeing the New York Dolls at the legendary 9:30 Club though.

Enjoy the show. Thanks for tuning in. This may be my favorite show that I’ve done so far.

Set List:

The Wondrous Boat Ride: Sung By Gene Wilder, Willy Wonka Soundtrack
Some Velvet Morning: Vanilla Fudge

Tekufa: Electric Masada, 06-27-07
Get the entire show here:
69 Année érotique: Kramer, Great Jewish Music: Serge Gainsbourg CD

Say Leroy (The Creature From The Black Lagoon Is Your Father): Jimmy Castor Bunch
I Get A Kick Out Of You: Tony Bennett
I Want It Now/Oompa Loompa: Sung By Julie Dawn Cole and the Oompa Loompa’s, Willy Wonka Soundtrack
My Way: Elvis Presley

D Boon Interview: D Boon, Our Band Could Be Your Life
Political Song For Michael Jackson To Sing: the Meices, Our Band Could Be Your Life
Of course, I’m not saying that I support eBay; it’s just available there. I encourage you to seek out and support local record stores, especially independently owned stores.
Up In Smoke Reprise: Cheech & Chong

Buy local, and when you can’t do that, buy regional. And when you can’t do that, buy national. And when you can’t do that, buy international. And if for some ungodly reason you can’t do that, then, and only then buy corporate. Support Fair trade brands.

Post on the comments page please, and tell your friends about the show. Thanks.

A Season In Hell #10: Sloppy Drunk
July 08, 2007 04:11 AM PDT
itunes pic

A Season In Hell #10: Sloppy Drunk

Last week I charged you all with the responsibility of naming my car. I also asked that you post the suggestions on my podcast site. Well, thanks to the six of you who follow directions; you must be a manager, or something close to that. For the rest of you ditch diggers out there, the world needs you too. As a matter of fact, it was two of you in particular that came up with the name I ended up choosing for my 1978 Cadillac Fleetwood. I need your contact info, so I can send you a mix CD, or mixed nuts. I can’t decide right now. Considering you can’t follow directions, you may not notice anyway.

I will reveal the name of my car at the end of this podcast. So, tune in, and join the throngs that are in with the out crowd.

I had a great Fourth of July. I spent it as I always do, at Dolores Park in SF, watching the Mime Troupe. No, I don’t enjoy watching people trying to escape from imaginary boxes; unless it’s Mime Jerry. You have seen Shakes The Clown, Haven’t you? Anyway, check out the website for this great political satire group. http://sfmt.org And look for them performing for free in the SF Bay Area all summer long.

Last Thursday, July 5th, I was honored to be on a panel to discuss online radio and podcasting. My friend Melinda “Lilycat” Adams, , hosted the workshop at Modern Times Bookstore in SF. It went for two hours, and featured, besides myself, the following folks:

- Danny Plotnick - Nest of Vipers -

- DJ Monkey of Pirate Cat Radio -

- John Miller - FCC Free Radio -

Take a look at their websites and listen to their shows. I’m a big fan of Pirate Cat Radio, which you can hear online, and on the radio in SF and LA.

Set List:

Hellhound On My Trail: Robert Johnson http://www.deltahaze.com/johnson/
Murderer: Low http://www.chairkickers.com/
The Mercy Seat: Johnny Cash http://www.johnnycash.com/

Eric’s Trip (Home Demo): Sonic Youth http://sonicyouth.com/
Wafer O’ Darkness: Three Day Stubble http://threedaystubble.com/
I Can See For Miles: Petra Haden http://petrahadenmusic.com/

You’re Gonna Miss Me: Thirteenth Floor Elevators http://www.rokyerickson.net/
She Shook Me Cold: David Bowie http://www.davidbowie.com/
Lafayette Blues: The White Stripes http://www.whitestripes.com/

Serenade For A Cuckoo: Rhasaan Roland Kirk
NESTA: Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra http://www.antibalas.com/
Sloppy Drunk: B.B. King http://www.bbking.com/
Have You Every Loved A Woman: Freddie King http://www.freddiekingsite.com/

Drunken Hearted Boy: The Allman Brothers Band w/Elvin Bishop